System Components

The Components for all types of systems described are as follows:

Photovoltaic Array

PV array consisting of 70 Wp/75Wp modules.

PV modules conforming to National/International standards.

System Voltage:300 V(Typical) or site specific.

Power Conditioning Unit(PCU)

Single phase/Three phase PWM controlled inverter for grid interactive,Hybrid and stand alone operation.

IGBT based power circuit.

Protected against overload,short circuit & islanding conditions.

Harmonic Distortion<5%

Conversion Efficiency>92%

Incorporates maximum power point tracking(MPPT) to maximize PV array output.

SCADA for remote monitoring

Remote start/stop control for diesel generator for optimum load management.

Multiple operation of all energy sources.

Inverters parameters monitoring like:

Batteries,Structures,Cables & Other Accessories  

Suitable design to meet system requirement.

Employs state of art technology to ensure reliability.