SPV Hybrid System

The SPV -Hybrid  systems  are designed to operate with both grid and diesel generators in conjuction with battery system.The system can be  used to supplement the load &  can   be  configured   as   either   a  battery charger or inveter.

The   system  utilities  a bi-directional inverter  to regulate voltage  supply  to  the  load  and   functions   as   on  line UPS.The inveter operates  in  parallel with either the grid supply or the diesel  generator  with  active  power  to the load.Built in intelligent software ensures optimum loading of DG set leading  to  better   specific   fuel  consumption(SFC).Alternatively,these systems can  be  configured as Solar PV-mains Hybrid systems also.


Provides clean and reliable power to load inspite of variations in solar irradiation.

Reduces   the   fuel   consumption   of   DG set by operating   at    optimum    efficiency    with    load management.

Reduces pollution levels.

Enables  trade-offs of  capital & operating costs -providing  more  optimal  solutions.

The system  minimizes  the  capacity  requirement  of  PV  array & storage batteries.

Provides fully automatic uninterrupted power output & full protection from power cut.