Solar Power Packs

We   offer   different   types   of   Customised  Solar  Power  Plants  

The following types of SPV power plants are available:

Stand Alone Photovoltaic Systems

Grid Connected Systems

Solar-Mains-Diesel Hybrid System 

Major System components are:

PV array consisting of 80-240WP modules

PV modules confirm to National/International Standards

System voltage: 300V (Typical) or site specific

Power Conditioning Unit

Single/Three phase PWM controlled inverter for Grid interactive, Hybrid & Stand alone operation

IGBT based power circuit

Protected against overload, short circuit & Islanding conditions

Harmonic distortion <5%

Conversion efficiency >92%

Incorporates Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) to maximize PV array output 

SCADA for remote monitoring 

Remote start / Stop control for Diesel Generator for optimum load management 

Multiple operation of all energy sources 

Inverter parameters monitoring 

Suitable battery bank design to meet system requirements 

Employs state-of-art technology to ensure reliability.

Available in various capacities ranging from 25 kWP onwards.