Sunrise Solar PV Modules

Sunrise Solar offers a wide range of the-state-of-the-art solar Photovoltaic modules suitable  for  a  variety  of  applications. These modules are suitable for 12V/ 24V battery charging  and  by  connecting  these modules in series / parallel combinations, power  generation  to  suit  the  specific  application   can   be achieved.Photovoltaic modules are finding increased use in the applications including   Solar   lanterns ,Solar   street   light  system, Village electrification, Water pumping, Railway signaling  and  lighting system, Microwave repeater stations, Navigational   aids, Offshore   platforms, Rural   radio   phones  and exchanges, Desalination   plants, Cathodic   protection   systems  ,Domestic appliances  ,Battery   charging  ,Solar   traffic   signals   ,Solar    refrigeration, Centralized   power   plants  ,Grid interactive system, Hybrid systems. These modules    generate     electricity     directly     from    sun light    using   mono-crystalline/poly-crystalline  silicon  solar  cells  laminated  in  EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) and a high transmission toughened glass as a superstrate.

Features of Sunrise Solar PV Modules(05 Wp-250 Wp):

Sunrise Solar offers wide range of modules from 3.3 Wp to 250 Wp.

Modules are designed to meet IEC standards.

Modules are made of high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells.

Mono crystalline/poly crystalline  solar  cells  connected  in  series with two redundantly inter-connected strings.

Cells  laminated  in  ultra-violet  stabilizer  polymer (EVA)  and   mounted   behind   a  high transmission toughened glass surface.

Lamination process using tedlar-polyster-tedler,EVA,scrim and edge sealing of laminate by aluminium sealant  tape  having  acrylic   adhesive   provides  complete sealing against extreme temperature and weather conditions.

Anodized aluminium frame provides structural support for mounting.

Weather resistant junction box with terminals for output connection. 

Modules are designed for system voltage up to 1000V DC.

Higher  wattage   panels  have  been  provided  with  heavy  duty  AWG 12 ( output cables with weather proof DC connectors.

Manufactured   to  stringent  quality  specifications  and  tested  to withstand    adverse  environmental conditions.