Electrification of Remoate Village

Besides  food , shelter , clothing , and    employment , the   next priority in villages is affordable energy for  cooking and lighting. The   first  important  task , a   gigantic  task , will  be to build  a network for cooking  with   LPG (liquified  petroleum gas) to do away with the drudgery and  unhealthy practice of cooking  with firewood/agricultural  residue by millions of families in India.The second important one  will   be  to provide electricity to improve the living conditions to act as an essential catalyst in alleviating poverty. However, there is  a serious  problem of extending  the power line  to  the  unelectrified  80 000  villages  in the country, which are  located  far  away  from the grid. Extending  a  line to these villages will  be  very  expensive, and  villagers will  find it difficult  to  bear    the  tariff  burden.  Moreover, 20 000 villages have been identified as unapproachable from the grid  line and will  have  to  depend  on   alternative  sources of power. These alternative  sources  could  be  solar  or  wind energy, biomass, biogas, or  micro-hydel  energy, which  may be locally available to  be  harnessed  in  a  useful  manner. Incidentally, only   these sources   have    been   found    to    be     technologically     and commercially  viable until now , especially   in  villages  that  are situated beyond a certain distance from the grid line.