About Solar Power in India

Solar   power  plants  are  a  necessity  at  places  in  India like remote  hilly  areas   and  islands  for  providing   electricity   to improve   the   standard   of   living   of   the   people. Financial constraints    in   the   public    sector   and   non remunerative characteristics  of  economics  act  as  disincentives to private entrepreneurs  , which   are   impediments    to    the    national programme of solar  electrification  of  villages.  Despite these constraints, the  Ministry  of Non-conventional Energy Sources, Government of India is attempting to electrify as many  villages as   possible   with  the   solar   photovoltaic   system.Constant endeavour     towards     improvement     in     technology    and competitiveness   among  players in  the fields  of manufacture, supply,and installation are leading to reduction in costs,but not at the sharp rate  that  is  competitive with  conventional power. However, it appears  that  direct  conversion  of solar power to electricity is cheaper in India than in Germany.