Our Associate

Our range of products are procured from an ISO 9001:2000 certified company BHEL-A Government of India undertaking , commenced  the  manufacture  of  solar  pv  cells and modules in 1983.BHELs entry into the photovoltaic  scene  has  been  in  line  with  its  committment  to  the  development and manufacture of various forms of power generation equipment. As  the  largest manufacturer of power generation equipment in India,BHEL has also been in the forefront of promoting  the alternate source of energy like solar,wind,magnetohydrodynamics etc.

The Electronic Division of BHEL , where  the  photovoltaics  are  manufactured has been involved in the design and manufacture of sophisticated electronics and power  semi-conductors  since  1977. This  expertise  in   the manufacture of power diodes and thyristors,along with  the  system  engineering  support,has enabled BHEL to make rapid strides in the design,development and manufacture of photovoltaic  modules  and systems.Various systems ranging from power  supplies  for  gas  detection  and  telemetry  system  on  un-manned offshore plat forms,to grid interactive power plants for rural as well urban areas have been developed by BHEL.
Exide   Industries   Limited   is   a   giant   in the storage battery industry-is also the largest power storage  solutions  company  in  south  and  south  east  Asia.The company manufactures a wide range   of   storage  batteries   from  2.5  Ah   to  20,400  Ah   capacity , covering   all   sectors..... telecom,power,automotive,non conventional energy etc. Exide network spreads throughout  the country and we are apart of it.For over 85 years, Exide  Industries   Limited , has pioneered battery technology  in India. It is the only company in the country to  design  and  manufacture  batteries  from  2.5  Ah  -  20,400  Ah  in conventional flooded and VRLA design. Technology, innovation, quality and country-wide service network are the four pillars on which Exide achieves its high pedestal.
REMI Fans Limited (RFL), a leader  and  innovator  in offering an array of high speed portable fans from 150mm to 450mm, D.C fans, decent  and  designer  COMPAIRE ceiling fans  and  solar  fans with low voltage consumption. Since inception, RFL has pioneered  smarter ways for circulating fresh and cool air indoors. With changing trends, RFL has  enhanced   its   product   design   from  classic to contemporary for meeting different  customer  preferences   in    terms   of   colour,  material,   design, functionality and durability. 
RFL applies an unparalleled approach for designing, engineering and manufacturing different varieties of high-quality fans. RFLs   professional   team   pays   meticulous   attention   to   every   minute   detail   from  finalising the design components, manufacturing   the   final  product  to ease of installation. Fulfillment of these specifications during product development produces high quality fans offering unprecedented performance for years.
Our   product   features   like  adjustable  fan speed and direction are easy to perform and effective in offering a soothing   environment   at home, office or any other indoor space. Over the years, RFL has made a mark in the market   for   providing   optimum fan  designs offering absolute comfort to the users. You are just a switch away from fresh air…Experience refreshing ambience and complete comfort with REMI Fans.