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Ongrid Solar System

For individual homes, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, corporate offices & industrial sector. We make your roof that works for you. Reduce your electricity bills up to 80% for 25-30 years by setting up Solar Power Plant under the Net Metering Scheme of Govt. of India. Produce electricity for self-use and give the excess energy to Govt.

On Grid Roof Top Solar Power Plant is used for load requirement during day time the sun is available. In this solar power plant, the inverter converts the current power into alternate current power that flows to the utility grid connected with the load, the main electrical usage.

The grid connect inverter converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into 240 V AC electricity, which can then be used by the property/household. If a grid connect system is producing more power than is being consumed, the surplus is fed into the mains power grid to Govt. Govt will adjust the same in your next electricity bill or pay you for the same.


Offgrid Solar System

For rural sectors where no or very minimal electricity is available. Uniway Solar have developed the MINI SOLAR KITs for the existing Inverter Batteries. Introducing for the first time; the best & affordable solution to power cuts.

An off-grid solar system is designed for the power needs of mid-to-large size homes. Unlike a grid-tie solar system, off-grid systems have no connection with the utility grid, and must make all the electricity necessary for your home.

Off-grid solar systems operate from the stored energy in a battery bank. Solar panels are used to keep the battery bank charged. Your off-grid solar system has to be sized properly to support your daily power needs and replace the stored energy pulled from the battery bank.

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Hybrid Systems

Hybrid solar systems combines the best from grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. These systems can either be described as off-grid solar with utility backup power, or grid-tied solar with extra battery storage.

The hybrid system stores energy for later use in one or multiple solar batteries but then can also pull from the grid in high energy use periods like hot summer months.

* Smart solar holds a lot of promise
* Allows use of solar energy during peak times.
* Power available during a grid outage or blackout –UPS
* Enables advanced energy management (ie. peak shaving)
* Enables energy independence
* Reduces power consumption from the grid (reduced demand)

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